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Das Bild zeigt alle Sorten NN Eierlikörvariationen auf hellblauem Hintergrund.

Nordgold Egg Liqueurs

Das Bild zeigt zwei Flaschen Nordgold Eierlikör von Nordbrand Nordhausen

Nordgold Advokat and Exquisit

Nordgold Advokat with 14% by vol. and Exquisit with 20% by vol. alcohol is a true pleasure for all connoisseurs - whether neat or mixed, to add refinement to wonderful desserts or as the perfect topping of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Nordgold Advokat:
Alcohol content: 14% by vol.
Available in the following bottle sizes:

  • 0.7 l
  • 0.35 l
  • 0.1 l

Nordgold Exquisit:
Alcohol content: 20% by vol.
Available in the following bottle sizes: 0.7 l, 0.2 l

  • 0.7 l
  • 0.2 l
Das Bild zeigt die KaffeEi und SchokoEi Flasche von Nordbrand Nordhausen

Nordgold Coffee Egg and Nordgold Chocolate Egg

Also try the two variations of our popular Nordgold Advocaat. Let the seductively creamy chocolate and the full-bodied, harmonious coffee taste surprise and inspire you.

Alcohol content: 15% by vol. each
Available in the following bottle sizes:

  • 0.5 l
Das Bild zeigt eine Eierlikörbowle mit Himbeeren.

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Advokat punch

Essential for any party: This punch will inspire your guests and ensure a happy get-together everywhere. Simply unique!

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