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Das Bild zeigt alle Kräuterliköre von NN auf einem abgesägten Baumstamm.

Herbal liqueurs

Das Bild zeigt die NN Altmeister Flasche

Nordbrand Altmeister

For all those who appreciate the harmonious and spicy taste of German herbal liqueurs, Nordbrand Nordhausen offers the particularly fine Nordbrand Altmeister. The recipe is strictly guarded by our master distillers. Only this much can be revealed: It is produced from selected herbs in an elaborate process. Our herbal liqueur is characterised by its unique taste. Lively, fresh and tangy-spicy, it is a true pleasure for every connoisseur.

Inspire your guests with new and impressive taste experiences: serve Nordbrand Altmeister on ice after a delicious dinner with friends as a digestif or in a cocktail.

Alcohol content: 32% by vol.
Available in the following bottle sizes:

  • 0.7 l
  • 0.1 l
  • 0.04 l
  • 0.02 l
Das Bild zeigt einen Cocktail in Kupferbechern neben einer angeschnittenen Gurke

Already tried?

Altmeister Mule

You know the Moscow Mule? Then you should definitely try our Altmeister Mule. The fine herbal note of the Altmeister liqueur adds the finishing touch to this cocktail.

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