Das Bild zeigt den NN Weinbrand auf dunklem Holz.

Grape schnapps and blends

Das Bild zeigt die Goldbrand Flasche von Nordbrand Nordhausen

Nordbrand Goldbrand

Its soft and harmonious taste traditionally characterises the classic grape schnapps of Nordbrand Nordhausen. Carefully stored and cultivated with masterly skill, our Goldbrand is an inspiration with its full-bodied taste.

Whether served neat or as a long drink. Nordbrand Goldbrand presents the special harmony of enjoyment that is an inspiration and wins over experienced connoisseurs and enthusiasts time and again.

Alcohol content 28% by vol.
Available in the following bottle sizes:

  • 0.7 l
  • 0.35 l
  • 0.2 l
  • 0.1 l
  • 0.04 l
Das Bild zeigt einen gelben Cocktail mit Strohhalm und Zitronendekoration

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